O’REILLYS Fine Jewellery, Watches & Silver Auction Wednesday, 28th August 2019 at 1pm

57 AUCTION OF FINE JEWELLERY, WATCHES & SILVER • WEDNESDAY, 28th AUGUST 2019 PRE-LOVED JEWELLERY: 5 reasons to buy vintage and antique jewellery at auction 1. It’s unique: antique and vintage pieces are usually hand crafted and it is unlikely that you will find two pieces the same, vintage pieces are lovingly made and have a timeless style, making them unique and beautiful 2. It’s more sustainable: recycling pre - owned jewellery reduces the impact that manufacturing new items has on the planet 3. You become part of its story: antique jewellery often has an interesting provenance and you become the latest custodian in its rich history 4. The experience: buying at auction is an exciting experience in itself, giving you an exclusive opportunity to buy these unique pieces 5. It’s better value: new jewellery attracts VAT of 13.5 % and you will also pay the retailer’s profit, when you buy a second hand piece of jewellery at auction it is VAT exempt (on the margin scheme) and you pay only the auctioneers fees of 16%, this equates to about 25 – 50 % of the original retail cost. Lola’s top picks for vintage and antique: Lot 177: Vintage ruby and diamond statement ring Lot 568: Vintage peridot and old cut diamond daisy cluster ring Lot 210: Vintage Cartier 18ct Gold and Lapis Bangle Lot 460: A very unusual 9ct gold chain with bead work links Lot 376: Vintage faux tortoiseshell drop earrings with gold and silver inlay Lot 591 : UnusualVintage brooch, enamel and gold depicting a roman scene O’Reillys Gemmologists Favourites Lola Hynes FGA DGA Consultant Gemmologist at O’Reilly’s