O’REILLYS Fine Jewellery, Watches & Silver Auction Wednesday, 19th February 2020

4 AUCTION OF FINE JEWELLERY, WATCHES & SILVER • WEDNESDAY, 19th FEBRUARY 2020 AT 1PM Our new selling partners 1. Visit www.easyliveauction.com 2. Click on ‘Create Account’ Fill in your personal details to create an account. 3. Click ‘Register to Bid’ Register for an auction and opt to pay £3* Sterling or 3.69%* Commission for internet bidding. *Correct at time of print. Easy Live Auction reserve the right to alter the flat fee or commission percentage at any time. O’REILLYS AUCTION ROOMS 1948 LTD JOHN TOBIN THE JEWELLERY REPA I R SHOP RE-SIZING • RE-STYLING • REMOUNTING POLISHING AND RHODIUM & GOLD PLATING 1ST FLOOR, 46 PLEASANTS ST., DUBLIN 8. TEL: 01 478 2386 Fine Jewellery. Design. Sizing. Repairs. Email: ns@natashasherling.ie; Social: @NatashaSherlingFineJewellery